How do you recognize a real 123GT?

The options that are on a 123GT are also often put on regular Amazons. How can you recognize a real 123GT? In fact, that’s the type number.


The legend of the type number (the first part of the chassis number) is as follows:

First digitChassis type1= Sedan

2= Station

Second digitNumber of doors2= Four-door or five-door

3= Two-door

Third digitEngine type1= B16A, B18A or B20A

2= B16B or B18D

3= B18B or B20B

Fourth digitModel2= Standard

3= Special

4= Export

9= Assembly abroad

Fifth digitGearbox4= Four-speed (M40)

5= Four-speed gearbox with overdrive (M41)

6= Automatic (BW35)

Sixth digitSteering wheel1= Left-hand drive

2= Right-hand drive

The 123GT was the only Amazon model to have an overdrive as standard.
This makes the fifth digit decisive for whether it is an original 123GT or not. An original 123GT has type number:

Left-hand drive = 133351
Right steer = 133352

As an exception, there are the 123GTs that were assembled in Halifax in Canada. These have type number 133951 and letter M (built in 1967). These were also slightly different and had no mislights at the front and rear and instead of mirrors on the front screens one mirror at the driver’s door. However, this Canadian 123GT was equipped with a lock differential (LSD). There are also 123GTs assembled in Belgium, these also have type number 133951.

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