Airconditioning continued: compressor, evaporator, condensor

Ever since I am convinced I want to have airconditioning and came to the conclusion that the original Frigiking underdash vaporizer has the best centered fit, I continued looking for the other components.

HV airco compressor

For an airco compressor I came across this unit.

Electric HV airco compressor

It’s relatively small, light, and it’s PWM controlled. The only question is, where will it fit? I had a small space left underneath the front battery casing in front of the motor.

plaatsing airco compressor

Moving the DC/DC again

Oh well, I had no other choice then to move the DC/DC converter to another place again for the fourth time. Combined with the heavier IPD anti-roll bar I once bought from Tinustuning that will be fitted, it allowed me to place the converter just a bit lower.

DCDC verder zakken tussen stabilisatorstang

It was quite a convenient that there was a recess in this new anti-roll bar.

IPD uitsparing DCDC

Steering angle didn’t become a problem either. It was however important that I would center the converter correctly.

centreren DCDC

All of this work resulted in a nice spot for the airco compressor.

AC compressor hangt


Finding a condenser that would fit in the small front panel from an Amazon turned out to be another challenge. Because the battery case was sticking out quite much towards the front, I wasn’t able to use the original place for the radiator. Modern vehicles seem to have more height clearance. To add to that issue, I preferred to use a parallel flow condenser. Eventually I came across a universal unit with the following measurements 539 x 247 x 20 (Part 120AA1104 from Cool Car Automotive). First let’s try it with a dummy I made out of plywood.

Condensor dummy passen

Even the real condensor fitted perfectly.

Condensor past perfect in front


The evaporator , the radiator inside the underdash unit became a whole new story. I went by Cool Car Automotive and despite their busy days because of the hot weather I got some great service. They’ve provided me with a whole bunch of info that allows me to work on the details which will happen somewhere during the winter times.

They at least provided me a universal unit to start working with.

Verdamper Cool Car Automotive

The evaporator that was inside the Frigiking unit is a tube evaporator and no longer of this time. Modern evaporators are using plates because they have an increased efficienty of %30 compared to the older models.

Unfortunately, these tube models have a slim and long design, while the newer units are more square and higher. After half day underneath the dash I had still no idea of how to make this work.

Onderzoeken airco verdamper plaatsing

The main obstacle was the wipermotor.

Ruitenwissermotor in de weg voor airco

Rotating the wiper motor

Suddenly it hit me. Why is the wiper motor in that position? Maybe I can rotate it. It turned out that the wiper linkage already had the required preparations for it. Eventually I only had to undo the wiper arm that was sitting on the crowned axle, the 3 bolts holding the motor, rotate the motor assembly, and put it all back in reverse order.

Ruitenwissermotor gedraaid uitsparing

The motor even had the required recess. After putting it all back in, I ended up with much more room to work with.

Veel meer ruimte voor airco verdamper

Finding a new evaporator

The evaporator I got from Cool Car Automotive didn’t really fit, but it gave me more opportunities. I went online to look trough all the catalogues I could find to search for a more suitable candidate.

Airco verdampers vergelijking

Eventually I ended up with a shortlist which contained a Denso out of a Peugeot 307 or a Nissens for a BWM 5-series. Before I made a purchase, I gave it a go with some foam board.

Airco verdamper dummy

This might actually work to turn this into a combined cooling and heated underdash unit. I went with the evaporator for the Peugeot because this one came with side mounted connectors that lead up to a block valve. This would be much easier to work with. I bought one from the local scrapyard and started to work on a proper housing.

Airco verdamper Peugeot 307

Translation by Stefan Dieters.

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