Bought a barn find Volvo Amazon wagon

During my search in the first half of 2015 I looked at more than ten cars but did not find the perfect replacement for our green estate as the donor for the EV conversion. I even returned the body I had bought and decided to continue with our own car.

roestschade   achterkant   combiThe old sliding roof looked like a big hurdle but in the end I found a demo sliding roof with steel panel and resizing the opening in the roof went quite OK.

Early December I started working on the rear end which at first sight looked quite OK and I started doubting again. A short marked scan showed that there still were not much options for a better car. I received some help and tips for usable replacement panels and carried through.

But when I did not expect it anymore I received an e-mail:

I saw that you are looking for a rear end of a car or a donor vehicle. I might be able to help you out with the latter.

Time went by but the additional information I received was positive. In the end I had a look myself and bought the car:

Barn find Volvo Amazon estate

It’s being parked for seven years now in a dusty and clammy barn. The rubber mats in the interior are completely perished and moist.

Schuurvondst Volvo Amazon combi

The back of the car, however, is surprisingly good. At the same time, this could still be the new basis for my EV conversion or a future project. Though this car also has rust damage but that is mainly in the front. Also lines are not quite like they are supposed to be so I have to figure out whether that happened during a previous repair or that the car ever has been involved in an accident and whether or not it is still straight. Finally, the chassis number is not on the original place because of and old parking heater that used to be installed.

To be sure, I would like to visit the RDW for research and re-stamping the VIN at a better position. The current place is mentioned in the papers so I do not expect any problems there.
Now it has been transferred and suspended.

combi   overgeschreven

Pick it up and decide on a way forward

Soon I will pick it up and dust of off and inspect it to make a plan. Perhaps I do need to invite someone to have a look at my current donor car before I juist am going to quit. Perhaps I’m just to critical. My options in short are:

  1. Continue with my current body and use the barn find as a read end sheet metal donor
  2. Continue with my current body and use the barn find as a model and then store it as a future project
  3. Use the barn find as the new donor for my EV conversion
To be continued!

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