Bought some rare Volvo 123GT accessoires

Original Volvo 123GT parts are rare, much sought after and are hardly offered for sale. I did manage to find some parts to complete my Volvo 123GT including some spare parts.

123GT spiegels verstralers motorruimte

My Volvo 123GT is from 1969, which makes it even more rare. Not only are there even less produced, the parts used differ slightly from earlier GT’s. The 123GT from 1967 and 1968 have a fog light (281052) and a spot light (281053) and two fender mirrors (281091).

Folder 123gt 1967 en 1968

The 123GT from 1969 only had one fender mirror and different auxiliary lights. These were Hella 162 lamps was well, but the chrome trim around the glass was a little smaller.

Volvo 123GT 1969

Furthemore it often had lights of the same type, either two fog lights or two spot lights. I found two spot lights with the small chrome trim. One of them is even new old stock.

Volvo 123GT verstralers 281053 Hella 162

Furthermore I found a new old stock light with mercury switch (279894) as found under the hood and in the luggage compartiment, even with the protector.

123GT motorruimte lampje 279894 met kwikschakelaar en gaasje

Finally I found a couple of wing mirrors. One in good shape.

123GT spatbordspiegel 281091 origineel

And another one that needs to be re-chromed and a separate mirror round which I am going to use to try to replace the mirror.

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