Calb 100 Ah lithium batteries are in

The batteries are in! Together with almost all other EV components. My father, M’n vader, who is also converting his Volvo Amazon estate, has picked up the stuff at New Electric.

CALB   100   Ah   cellen

These are CA100FI cells. They are known for being the best available on on the do-it-yourself marked. The specs:

  • Produced by: China Aviation Lithium Battery Company
  • LiFePO4 cells
  • Standard charge/discharge = 0,3C (33 Amps)
  • Max. charge = 3C (300 Amps)
  • Max. continuons discharge = 3C (300 Amps)
  • Max. peak discharge during 10 seconds = 10C (1000 Amps)
  • Lasts 2000 cycles (at 0,3C and max 80% discharge) others claim even more.
  • Voltage = 3,2V
  • Charge voltage = 3,6V
  • Weight = 3,4 kg

The voltage curve is:

ontlading curve CALB CA100

Both with the 1C / 100A (light blue line), 0,5C / 50A (red line) and 0,3C / 33A (purple line) voltage remains quite constant over the whole capacity of the cell. At 80% discharge you still have more than 3V.

CALB   shipping   boxes

They will have to wait a little while before they can be installed in the car.

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