Volvo fair 2018 Rosmalen

Elektrische 1800E

It was a good start already. First stop was Brabant to pick up another wagon. I did not buy it myself since I have enough projects already. Furthermore after my search for a better basis and checking out more than 15 cars I almost did not believe anymore that they exist: a fair and solid … Read more

Bought new old stock Volvo reflectors

Volvo reflector 654483

The red rear reflectors (part number 654483) are not available anymore for a while already. This is due to the fact that the machine that folds the chrome rim around the reflector is broken. Hella (who produced the reflectors on behalf of Volvo) apparently was not in a hurry to have it repaired. New production … Read more


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Also electric?

Do you also want to convert your car (Volvo or another brand) to full electric? As a spin-off of my own EV conversion project I started EVcreate for 'enabling EV conversions'

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