Chargers, junction boxes and EVCC in the back and design cooling system

In a previous blogpost I concluded to flip the chargers. Furthermore I had found a box that exactly fitted in the rear side area.

junction box met fuse holder

So I started working on the junction box support. First I added a proper fixation for the cover in the floor.

bevestiging afdekplaatje vloer

And created some supports.

begin steun junction

In such a way that it optimised the space available for cables and just fits behind the upholstery.

twee steuntjes junction

And the box did fit indeed.

past precies tot achterscherm

Also in terms of upholstery although I do need to find new panels due to the cutouts for the speakers made by a previous owner.

past precies achter bekleding

Next I repeated it on the other side. First adding the charger mounting.

lader rechtsachter

And a junction box support.

junction box steun rechts

And finished both supports off with some zinc coat.

steuntjes klaar

Charger ventilation

Since the chargers to produce 150W of waste heat per hour and are in a confined space I will add temperature controlled forced ventilation. So I bought a temperature controller.

temp controller

And some hoses and material to make sure the airflow is being directed to the charger.

ventilatie buis

Now I only need to find a suitable fan.

EVCC and 12V charger

Next I installed the EVCC (the charge controller).

plekje EVCC

And the 12V charger.

plek 12v lader

Cooling system

After that I continued working on the cooling system looking for a suitable place for the battery coolant pump. Recommended by Mischa from Garage71 I’m adding the pump in the front despite the fact that most of the modules (and thus pressure drop) are in the back. The in/out of the front battery box only fit at the left hand side so I redesigned the coolant distribution block.

koelverdeelblokje v2

It still needs improvement. I did buy the heating element to be able to install that as well.

battery circuit heater

And I did some 3D sketching on the expansion vessel.

After discussing the layout with my father who is also converting his car, we concluded that the expansion vessel does not need to be at the highest point. Getting the air out of the system is a one-off anyway. That makes things easier.

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