Designing the motor mount by Mischa of Garage71

Via New Electric I ended up at Mischa from Garage71 for drawing and producing the motor mount building on the prototypes that I created myself.

Mischa also build the adapter plate for mounting the Siemens motor to the Volvo B20 bellhouse. He has many years of experience in building kitcars and other custom cars with a lot of power and as less weight as possible. Together we discussed my prototype while at a Siemens motor.

motorsteun   laten   tekenen   bij   Speed   Demon

Building on his knowledge and experience some improvements were made as well as some better design choices. I becomes thinner then I expected which is easily possible according to Mischa.

People tend to build things thicker and stronger just to be sure. A downside is that in itself it also becomes heavier. Things can break just because they are to heavy. As a response people even make it more heavy but often the opposite is advisable. “Less is more”.

The mount will be lasercut from 4 mm stainless steel using the five outer mounts on the motor to have a lever as big as possible. To make it lighter where possible material is being omitted by cutting holes. Later today he send me the following drawings.

motorsteun   amazon   Siemens   tekening

The next step is actually fabricating the motor mount using these drawings.

In the meantime I am going to continue working on the car and preparing the battery boxes. Mische had a good piece of advice for this to. Add reinforcing patterns in the floor using a bead roller to allow you to use thinner sheet metal while having the same strength.

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