ECE R100 compliant custom heater fabrication

The water temperature of any of the cooling circuits is not high enough to heat the cabin. Therefore a high voltage PTC heater is used. I developed a custom heater while preserving the original controls and features.

HV PTC heater cable routing

It needs to be well protected and the connector must be hidden. It needs to pass the ‘needle test’ as part of the ECE R100 requirements at the inspection.

image 13
image 6

Attempt 1: fits but too boxy. Perhaps using a square cardboard package as a mockup is not such a good plan. Back to the drawing board.

image 2

Attempt 2: making the rear vent outlet first while keeping enough room for the connector.

image 4
image 8

Rear air duct air supply flap

Restoring the air duct for rear passengers. Skipped that initially but it’s cutting corners, can’t have the kids have cold feet.

Rear passenger vent flap emerging. Could modify the axle made earlier in a failed attempt for the window defrost.

image 9
image 11
image 4

Custom heater duct for rear air ready

And after some trimming, welding, bending and shrinking with the Eckold the vent channel with cover is ready.

image 7
image 1

Revisiting the high voltage cable routing

Now the context for cable is emerging. Question still is: down or up? Got some bits and pieces from local hardware store to create a ECE R100 ‘needle test’ proof high voltage cable routing solution.

image 12
image 11
image 3

Up it is!

Behind the blower in a tube (that will get an orange sleeve) through the firewall and a metal cover for the connector. Temporarily it was a metal pipe.

image 11
image 10

Later I changed that to hard plastic.

Custom heater and cover that shields the high voltage connector and cable in the interior ready.

image 14
image 5

So now it is ECE R100 regulations compliant.

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