Electric heater and DC/DC converter location

Lately I’ve been so busy and busy with so many different things that I did not have time for a new blog post. However, you can follow some updates via Instagram. Here’s a blog update about the heater and DC/DC converter.

In December I had already made a start with the bulkhead and gave the blower a place. Then it was time to finish the housing of the blower. It is quite tight at the windshield wiper engine. I also place a Y-valve so that I can choose recirculation or not in order to heat up the car quickly.


The whole is assembled from the inside.

van binnenuit monteren

After I had attached the base flanges, weld another piece of TIG.

TIG lassen blower behuizing

And with that, a first phase for the housing of the blower was ready.

Next question how to get the PTC heating element in.

PTC heating element

I wanted to place the DC/DC converter under the heater so there was little space.

Heating element en DC DC converter

Despite the fact that I had often looked at other layouts in that place and other low spots between the wheels for the DC/DC converter, I still looked at alternatives. Eventually I ended up in the front of the radiator bar.

New place for DC/DC converter

Initially, that place was not my preference. The more weight between the wheels the better. But yes, in terms of layout it comes out nicely and the old radiator will weigh at least as much full.

DC DC voorin

After removing the support from the original radiator made a nice bracket. And also two brackets to the carrying rod of the controller and batteries tray.

DC DC aan radiatorbalk

And after welding, the DC/DC hangs nicely in place.

DC DC hangt

And after a lot of searching and emailing, I finally found a suitable connector and managed to purchase it for the control pins.

Connector control pins Azure Dynamics DC DC

During the sparring with Mischa from Garage 71 (now ‘engineering partner‘ of my project) came to the conclusion that strengthening the beam on which the batteries bin is therefore wise. That is why two braces are attached that fall exactly into supports on the chassis beam.

versterking battery box support aan chassis

In this way, the strut along the flange adjusts to the chassis beam and remains demountable. Another case of ‘it fits if we can get it in’.

versterkte ophanging batterijen bak

Custom-made follow-up heater

Now that the DC-DC converter has finally found a place in the front, there was much more space for the stove. That’s pretty much what it should be.

tekening kachel

Would the lower part of the original heater fit?

Originele kachel onderkant

But yes, how does the heating element fit into it?

Hoe element erin

Maybe slide in from the front?

Element voorzijde kachel

It’s a matter of grinding and trying.

element voorzijde passen

Will be difficult to make a nice box. Crosswise perhaps?

PTC element in de breedte

Also try with a test piece of the stove that I made earlier.

hergebruik oud kachel probeersel

After a lot of puzzling and trying, I decided to make a custom stove with the element in width.

toch maar kachel op maat

And thereby reuse the front cover of the original heater.

hergebruik voorklep

But in a number of iterations a smaller and smaller piece to ensure that the valve fell in enough to end up in the air flow.

voorklep steeds kleiner

And after a lot of fitting, measuring, welding and grinding, the stove finally fit nicely.

kachel past

Next step was to finish / close the bulkhead. First on the workbench finished the fastening for the heater.

TIG lassen montagerand kachel

And then put the plate in front of the bulkhead.

schutbord erin lassen

Of course, the ventilation pipes also had to be attached to the housing. Outflow to the outlet for the rear passengers comes at the bottom and those others on the side.

aansluiting kachelbuizen

It turned out that there was a Simons exhaust pipe with just the right diameter. Still, two pieces of exhaust in an electric car.

Simons uitlaat

The upper part of the old heater has been adjusted so that it can serve as a cover for the blower.

kacheldeel boven als cover

And after connecting the controls for the front valve and the recirculation valve, it already started to look pretty similar.

kachel met bediening

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