Found a replacement Volvo Amazon estate body!

After a search of two months and 11 cars that I checked out I found a replacement body for my EV conversion. The number of options was very limited and every car had it’s pros and cons. This varied from quality of previous repairs, not for sale anymore and questions about the identity. In the end this is the car I have bought:

Sandblasted, rust-free, solid and almost not welded Volvo Amazon estate from 1969

2015   06   10   Gestraalde   body   1969er

This car appeared to be unique in a couple of ways. Firstly because it is solid and was hardly welded. Secondly because it is one of the last 400 geproduced estates. It has been imported in December 1995 and has not been driven since.

Bought it at Volvo-Lotte

It was the first car that I was offered after I posted my message on Facebook that I was looking for a car on May 15th 2015. Due to circumstances I could only have a look at the car in June by picking it up together with Alain.

combi   ophalen

On the outside a great looking car. However, the floor and bottom turned out not to be sandblasted and had some rust. In the end I concluded that this car via Volvo Lotte was the best option for now.

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