Huh?! Replacement body picked up and returned

It was a crazy day today. It was the day I went to pick up my replacement body from Volvo Lotte. Fortunately good weather so it could continue. However, it was also the day I brought him back to them. How come?

in the morning put the doors in and bonnet and front screen mounted and the body charged.

body   loading   at   Volvo   Lotte

At home the body unloaded again.

body   at   home unloading

But I felt crazy. It didn’t feel right. I wasn’t really happy about it. Then, purely on my gut, I called the guys of Volvo Lotte and said that I would like to return it. Fortunately, they didn’t mind. What a super service! Where can you return a purchased car?

When I was loading again and looked back, I knew what it was:

1969body   of   green   amazon

I can’t say goodbye to our own green wagon. That will become our family car for years. So now it is, an electric one.

Was that why there was an issue with all the cars I looked at ? I wanted the search to stop so I chose Volvo Lotte’s car. It wasn’t until I was unloading it that I realized that I really wouldn’t be continuing with the green one, even though I had fitted the electric motor in on Tuesday. Perhaps the time invested in the past two months teaches me that it is important to appreciate what you already have. Even in the 1969-er there would still be a lot of energy to make it completely top (although he certainly has that potential). Now I’m going to put that energy into our own green wagon.

Then this afternoon the body was returned to Volvo Lotte.

body   unloaded   at   Volvo   Lotte

Guys from Volvo Lotte, thank you for this flexible attitude! And of course have fun building the combi, I’m happy to follow that.

To be continued, but with the green one.

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