Jansen Carrosseriebouw, batterybox progress and Wolfrace wheels

The moment that I can go to Carrosseriebouw Jansen to have the car sandblasted and a 2K epoxy finish comes closer and closer. For now I just visited the open day to experience the craftsmanship and beautiful cars.

Open Dag Jansen 2017 1

And a lot of really old cars too.

Open Dag Jansen 2017 2

My kids enjoyed it too!

Open Dag Jansen 2017 3 Open Dag Jansen 2017 4

This year there even was a Volvo Amazon wagon. This one has been repainted by Jansen. Looking at the photos of the restoration it is in quite original condition.

Open Dag Jansen 2017 5

So I could take a good picture of how the wheel arch needs to look like..

Open Dag Jansen 2017 6

Progress rear battery box

After building a prototype batterybox I took some more measurements, did some drawing and made it more symmetrical.

achterste batterijenbak

Also at the back it is going to fit well. One of the requirements is to have a distance of 10 cm between the end of the car and the batteries. I’m not sure whether this is measured from the end of the tow bar or the body of the car but I also meet the latter.

achterste batterijenbak afmetingen achteraan

The battery box for the Tesla modules will be much smaller than the CALB cells I intended to use. Therefore it’s a pity the original sides of the spare wheel area are no longer there. I received a message whether I was interested in buying another wagon (donor car). After some talking we concluded I could just come over and take the spare wheel area. Thanks Branko!

The car was a donor indeed. In much worse condition than mine in many areas.

Sloop combi

It turned out to be quite a challenge to remove the spare wheel panels since I want it out completely to be able to re-use it and weld it onto my chassis beams. Therefore I have chosen to take the whole thing out by cutting trough the chassis beams.

reservewielbak eruit halen

And after a lot of cutting and grinding at a nice temperature of 30 degrees it was out!

reservewielbak eruit

At home I can then one by one drill out the spot welds. Perhaps it would have been easier to drill them out over there.

Wolfrace wheels & wagon Volvo Lotte

That morning I also picked up my Wolfrace wheels which I bought and were picked up by Alain (thanks!).

Setje Wolfrace 15 inch

Originele Wolfrace velg

Of course I also had a look at a wagon they have for sale.

Combi Volvo Lotte

I was not able to check it out very thouroughly but it is a car that was originally delivered to The Netherlands which I appreciate. It has some strange rusty areas but on other often weak spots it seems quite OK. Altogether I can be quite a nice car.

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