Lasercut battery boxes and parts arrived

After I finalised my battery box designs early June I placed my order for the lasercutting and bending. I ordered the strips for securing the modules onto the frame at and the rest of the parts at 24/7 Tailorsteel. First the strips arrived.

Montagestrips levering Suplacon

Looked very good! Some warping due to heat where the edges were very thin.

Montagestrips Suplacon

On one of the sides of the Tesla battery modules the fitment was not perfect, but can easily be modified during building the frames. Shortly after that the boxes and all other parts arrived from 24/7 Tailorsteel. An exciting moment!

Unboxing 247 Tailorsteel

At first sight, the boxes look very good.

Laserbut and bended 247 Tailorsteel

Tried the maintenance switch. Tight fit, but very nice.

test fitting the maintenance switch

To prevent a collision with the bending machine I had to leave one side open a bit. On my own bench press I finalised the bend and set it to 90 degrees.

Voorbak afmaken op de zetbank

Then test fitting in the car… Fits perfectly and uses even a little less space than the wooden prototypes.

Voorbak proefpassen1 Voorbak proefpassen2

Also tried a circuit board of the battery management system en gepast: also OK.

Behuizing BMS voor

Then the frame tubes puzzle could start!

Buizen puzzel

My sons really enjoyed helping me out.

Buizen sorteren met Sven en Jiri

Especially Sven liked the challenge of looking at the drawing on the screen and then find the corresponding tube in the box. That worked pretty well.

Sven puzzelt buizen

Unfortunately I did find some small errors in the design that I did not notice on the screen. These were only minor issues like holes that were not through all, forgotten openings for position helpers and too small engravings.

But that could most of the team be solved easily.

Gaatje boren ophanging

I stitch welded the rear frame to check whether it would indeed fit above the tow bar. Fits nice!

Achterframe past

Also stitch welded the front frame and test fitted it, also OK!

Voorframe past

Next stop is Garage71 to have it all welded professionally.

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