Mounting the airconditioning compressor

By moving the DC/DC converter again I created just enough space for the AC compressor. Someone advised me to mount it in rubbers to prevent transfer of vibrations. In the end it is a spinning motor. I bought alternator rubbers for a Volvo 240 and used some tube to make a bushing.

Ophangbus airco compressor

Attached two of those to the support and the upper mount for the AC compressor was ready.

Bovenste ophanging gereed

I aligned it to the side as much as possible while keeping just enough spacing between the DC/DC converter. To stabilise it horizontally I also added a lower mount. On that support also the DC/DC converter is attached.

Ophangbus onderaan

I only had to change the mountings for this bar. I temporarily used long M10 bolts on the UNC bolts. Real M10 bolts do not fit through the steering box and idle steering box. Therefore I made some nuts myself with UNC thread.

Maatwerk Engelse moer

Flattened it to be able to tighten the steering box and idle steering box.

Moer voor sleutel 18

Next I added a flap onto the nut to be able to bolt the support onto it.

Verbinding steunstang

There is some play in that connection not to stress the steering box and idle steering box bolt. Now the lower support is ready.

Bevestiging steunstang

At the top of the compressor I glued to spacers to correctly align it between the mounting rubbers.

Metaallijm spacers op compressor

Now the AC compressor is in place.

Airco compressor hangt

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