New floor panel right front side repaired

In May 2015 I did some welding on the right front side already. I repaired the chassis beam and positioned and fixed the crossmember. The floor itself still was a large hole.

dwarsbalkje   RV   er   weer   in

Currently the body is hanging in a spit so I can rotate it easily which makes it much easier to repair it. I started by removing the over plate by drilling out the spotwelds.

puntlassen   afdekplaatje   loshalen

This increases the accessibility and prevents the panel from being damaged any further.

afdekplaatje   los

Next I prepared a panel which exactly fits to weld the panel in without any overlap.

plaat   passend   erin   maken

I used my Arboga mill to drill holes for the plug welds on top of the crossmember.

gaatjes   boren   voor   proplassen

And I stitched the floor panel in to hold it in place.

plaat   erin   hechten

And fully welded it all around and filled the plug welds.

rondom   gelast   en   proplasjes   erin

Finally I grinded the wells and smoothened them using a lamellar grinding wheel.

lassen   afgeslepen   lamellenschijf

Perhaps smoothen it a little more and then temporary paint with Owatrol.

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