Picked up and test fitted the Siemens motor and controller

Today I was at New Electric in Amsterdam to pick up two Siemens motors and two DMOC controllers. One of the sets is for my project and the other one for my father who is going to do the same conversion.

aangepaste   Siemens   motoren

Furthermore I had some info from New Electric about interaction between the 12V and high voltage system, charging strategy, cabling and meters and displays.

At home my son helped me to unload them. These motors are 90 kg each so not something you can easily lift yourself.

thuis   uitladen

I immediately test fitted the gearbox to the adapter plate. For now an M40 since that was what I had lying around but later it will be a M400.

versnellingsbak   eraan

And of course test fitting it in the car. I could still use the old donor car.

bak   en   motor   erin   hangen

I quickly positioned the set and put the gearbox more or less in position using a jack. The alignment with the original motor mounts seems to be quite OK.

uitlijning   motorsteunen

I thing it is doable using a steel plate as ‘motor mount’ and extend it towards the rear on both sides to be able to use the original motor rubbers and supports on the subframe.

I also played around with the controller to see how that could fall into place.

positionering   DMOC

The good news is that it is a lot smaller than the cardboard dummy I created earlier. The cables are quite short so that can become a challenge. It’s better not to extend those.

Therefore mounting it where the heater and battery used to be is not an option. Best option for now seems against the firewall. I do however need to move the brake line distributer and use the single circuit brake system with an external brake booster.

There seems to be room available for a ‘box’ of approximately 70 by 50 centimeter and a height of about 30 centimeter. This could result in space for 30 to 34 cells which nicely matches my ideas after weighing the car.

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