Power steering in Amazon from Opel Corsa

Update: The power steering ECU needs a speed signal and I developed a Power Steering speed signal kit for the Volvo Amazon.

Mischa suggested to also implement power steering. Compared to all the other modifications it is a relatively easy update and does add comfort. So I started my research. Using an electrical assisted unit from an Opel (Vauxhall) Corsa is quite straightforward. So I bought a unit to be able to explore things further.

EPS Corsa C

This is a height adjustable unit from a Opel Corsa C. The idea is to modify it to attacht the upper and lower steering column parts of the Amazon. So I further explored the Corsa unit.

Stuurbekrachtiging opengemaakt

One of the challenges is the horn. Originally there is a wire going through the steering column but with the power assist unit in between that no longer works. Nowadays this is often solved using a horn contact ring. So I bought one from a Volkswagen to explore whether that would fit. Attached to the steering wheel could be a possibility.

Sleepring aan stuur

Or onto the power steering unit.

Sleepring aan EPS

In that case a unit that can not be adjusted is easier. So I bought one of those too and removed the unneeded Opel components.

Corsa EPS vast en hoogte verstelbaar

Fits quite nice indeed, even while re-using the 1969+ steering column mount.

Vaste EPS onder dash

The motor just does not hit the firewall and the pedals are fully free to move.

Vaste EPS onder dash2

Wireless horn

In the end a wireless horn just turned out to be the easiest way forward. Thanks to Erik for suggesting it.

Connecting the steering column

For the lower connector I used a modified a Corsa couple and flattened it on the milling machine.

Corsa koppeling vlakken

Next I prepared a steel round bar and centered it as much as possible which isn’t easy without a lathe.

verloop bus uitlijnen

Stitch welded and welded it.

verloop bus hechten

To be able to securely mount the piece in a lathe I chopped off an end of one of the units. That one will be modified anyway so is no longer needed.

hulpstuk afzagen

On his lathe the neighbour reduced the size of the bar to the extend that it just fits in the steering axle of the Amazon. In that way I’m sure it’s perfectly centered.

afgedraaide verloop bus

To be continued.

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