Searching for a Volvo Amazon estate body

After removing the dash I inspected my current estate in more detail and concluded that I wanted a better donor for the EV conversion. Especially the need for replacing the sliding roof made me decide that. Mid May 2015 I started searching. Over the last two months I have checked out 11 cars from a total list of 14 candidates. I skipped the other three because they were not an option based on seeing the pictures or were sold already before I was able to have a look.

2015   05   26   Gestraalde   body   Zweeds   kenteken_IMG_3540

2015   06   10   Wit   gespoten   body   origineel   NL

Funny detail about the car above is that I was offered to buy it and decided not to. In the end it was sold via my OudeVolvo Facebook page.

2015   06   10   Gestraalde   body   1969er

2015   06   27   Gespoten   body   import   IMG_3414

2015   07   04   Gestraalde   body   Finland

2015   07   04   Origineel   Nederlandse   body

2015   07   04   Zweedse   body   late   productie

2015   07   07   California   import_IMG_4050

2015   07   17   Spuitklare   body_IMG_4122

2015   07   18   Gestaalde   origineel   Nederlandse   body

2015   07   18   Buitenstaande   combi   NL   kenteken

Some of them were not an option because they did not yet have an active Dutch registration. In the Netherlands you cannot import an incomplete car and importing and converting to electric seemed like too complicated for the RDW. Some of them had too many repairs by previous owners that was not good enough in my opinion. One was cancelled from being for sale when I called that I wanted to buy it the day after I visited it.

The search continued.

Two months later I ended up buying the first car that was offered to me. Which one was that? Check my blogpost:

Found a replacement Volvo Amazon estate body!


I returned the replacement car I found….

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