Stainless steel battery boxes for Tesla modules

While it was very hot last summer Mischa (from Garage71) and I started working on the rear battery box. We have finished it and did the front box as well.

According to the drawing we clamped in the rear panel.

voorbak conform tekening

And welded it.

voorbak lassen door Mischa

Nice and solid.

achterpaneel erin

The box needs to be air tight so we also welded the openings required for the folding.

hoekjes vooraan dichten

At home I drilles all the holes for mounting the cover and added rivet nuts.


Except where I did not have enough room and welded in nuts instead.

moertjes lassen

The box can now be closed. I will use a seal though.

deksel past en klaar

In the meantime Mischa completed the front frames and I welded on some of the nuts myself.

moertjes lassen voorframe

Finally Mischa welded the frames into the box.

frames in voorbak

Great to have a close up view.

Now it’s ready to be installed in the car.

voorbak gereed

Rear battery box

Next: the rear battery box was on the bench.

Buitenbak achter

In my design I managed to design it as one piece as much as possible to reduce the amount of welding and thus warping due to the heat.

Buitenbak achter lassen door Mischa

Buitenbak RVS achter lassen

Very happy with the end result.

Buitenbak achter gelast

Again I welded some of the nuts to the frame myself.

moertjes lassen achterframe

Which makes the stainless steel welding ready for now.

bakken gereed

I immediately did a test fit of the rear frame. As planned it fits while keeping the original long tow bar.

frame en trekhaak past

On the car I need to finalise the mounts of the rear box and make it air tight. I will do that once I’m putting it in the rotating frame again.

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