Stainless steel battery boxes Tesla battery modules

In the heat of the summer I had already made a start with the rear battery boxes with Mischa from Garage71. In the meantime we have also done the front boxes and finished the rear boxes.

Front trunk the rear panel is clamped in according to the drawing.

voorbak conform tekening

And welded into it.

voorbak lassen door Mischa

That’s neat.

achterpaneel erin

Because the container must be airtight, the seams are also welded shut.

hoekjes vooraan dichten

Then at home I drilled all the holes for the lid and put in the rivet nuts.


Except at the edge where there was little space, so nuts were welded there.

moertjes lassen

So now the box can be closed properly. Still comes in a bit thin compression band.

deksel past en klaar

In the meantime Mischa had welded the front frames and I welded the nuts on the bottom myself.

moertjes lassen voorframe

After that, Mischa welded the frames into the boxes.

frames in voorbak

It’s nice to take a closer look.

And with that, the front boxes are ready for further installation in the car.

voorbak gereed

Rear battery box

Then it was the turn of the rear outer cover.

Buitenbak achter

Fortunately, I eventually managed to design the cover in one piece as much as possible, which minimized the welding and thus the chance of warping.

Buitenbak achter lassen door Mischa
Buitenbak RVS achter lassen

The result is a super tight weld seam.

Buitenbak achter gelast

Then I welded the necessary nuts to the frame to attach the modules.

moertjes lassen achterframe

This means that the stainless steel welding is done for the time being.

bakken gereed

At home I immediately tried on the rear frame. As intended, the frame and box fit while retaining the original long towbar.

frame en trekhaak past

Now I’m going to do the suspension and further sealing of the outer box, but I’ll do that as soon as the car goes back into the tilting bridge.

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