Started with the new wiring harness & special parts

My previous blogpost about selling my CALB batteries is already two weeks ago. I’ve been working on the new wiring harness and bought  some special parts for my electric combi.

I ordered some additional wiring for the wiring harness. I’ll be using FLRY-B, which is Automotive low voltage cable (FL) with reduced insulation thickness (R) made of PVC (Y) and irregularly stranded conductor (B). Despite the fact that I will upgrade most lights to LED, I amd implementing an upgrade. Where Volvo originally used 0,75 or 1,0 mm2 copper, I’ll be using 1,5 mm2 and 1,5 becomes 2,5.

FLRY B kabel

Furthermore I also already bought some high voltage sleeve. The RDW requires all high voltage cables to be orange.

HV mantel en relais

I use the old wiring harness as an example together with some schematics.

oude kabelboom als voorbeeld

I will be creating the new wiring harness directly in the car and not on a board first like some others do.

draden trekken in de auto

The original fuse box is going to be replaced by four new ones. Two for the regular 12v functions and two for the new electric components. Each zone gets a fusebox that is always on and one that is switched by the contact.

zekeringkasten motorkapscharnier

Fits just next to the bonnet hinge in closed position.

zekeringkasten vastgezet

Since the wiring harness needs to be taken out of the car for sandblasting and painting, I add labels containing information where they belong.

kabelboom met labels

Special parts

Furthermore I have bought some special parts or at least come to a design decision. I have decided to use a 700W DC-DC converter instead of a 400W.

DC DC converter

It seems to fit quite nicely in the front just next to the controller.

mogelijke plek DC DC converter

Having the controller in this new position, there is even less room for the 12v battery. In an electric vehicle one does not need a big battery, but small ones are not available in the pole orientation I want. Therefore the 12V battery will consist of 4 CALB 40 Ah cells. Still CALB in the car after all 😉

12V accu CALBs

Furthermore I found a spare M400 gearbox.

reserve M400

Which I dropped off at Volvo Lotte for inspection.

Volvo Lotte by night

Furthermore I bought a Pierburg CWA50 pump to be used for my cooling circuits. I ordered the connector parts at the BMW dealer.

Pierburg CWA50 met connector

The advantage of this pump is that it can be PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled. I already have a Siemens LOGO PLC onboard and it should be able to generate a PWM signal. Just need to figure out how.

Furthermore I bought a new lightened flywheel.

verlicht vliegwiel

And finally a nice brake adapter.

Audi rem adapter

This allows using a Audi brake booster on a Volvo Amazon, even in combination with the original Volvo master brake cilinder. However, unfortunately that setup does not fit next to the batterybox.

Audi bekrachtiger past helaas niet

So I’ll be using the external Lookheed brake booster. Since it is external, it can be positioned more flexible.

Lockheed rembekrachtiger past wel

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