Started repairing the back side

Early December I discovered that the back of the car was quite rusty when I started repairing the panel below the rear fender. After un-doing some repairs done by previous owners I found more and more rust underneath and not much of it’s original shape and panel.

roestschade   achterkant   combi

To stay motivated I also worked on other things in parallel like better repair the inner front wing, sandblasting the suspension parts and partially coating them and repaired the right front floor panel. Time for an update on the backside.

Progress repair back side

First I enlarged the hole to find some solid steel and remove the rust.

roestvrij   gat   maken

I also prepared a small repair panel that still needs to be trimmed a little more.

ruim   passend   plaatje   voorbereiden

Furthermore I temporarily removed the car from the spit to be able to test fit the lower trunk lid.

achterklep   uitlijnen

I also checked the fitment of the panel that is being screwed underneath the trunk.

uitlijning   plaat   onder   achterklep

I removed some old repairs and created a clean area for a new panel.

voorbereiden   strip   onderrand   achter

This allows me to weld the new panel directly to the original panel and spot weld it to the beam. I bought a piece of panel at a local workshop that has the right dimensions already.

strip   onderrand   achter

Using this panel I could do some test fits.

strip   en   afdekpaneel   globaal   op   hun   plek

And pre-check the alignment.

positioneren   paneel   onder   achterklep

I continued by creating a small panel for the side and affixed it do have some fixed areas.

plaatje   zijkant   voorbereiden

I need to add the bulge to attach the panel underneath the trunk lid. Using the Volvo Amazon estate from my father I could determine that it needs to be 6mm in height.

hoogte   bovenste   nokje   bevestiging   afdekplaat

This will further stabilize the panel that needs to be mounted but now at least I have some overall height anchors.

achterkant   krijgt   weer   vorm


To be continued…

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