Volvo fair 2018 Rosmalen

It was a good start already. First stop was Brabant to pick up another wagon. I did not buy it myself since I have enough projects already. Furthermore after my search for a better basis and checking out more than 15 cars I almost did not believe anymore that they exist: a fair and solid Volvo Amazon wagon as a good basis for a restoration. Luckily my father was interested, the car looked good and he bought it.

Goede Amazon combi body

Next stop was the Volvo fair in Rosmalen. Myself I did not really need anything but like to check out all the booths. I stumbled upon an original Volvo 221 badge from a modelyear 1962 wagon. Did not buy it since I only needed it for a photo as an illustration in my custom 222E badge blogpost.


This year was more about meeting people than buying parts. I talked to a lot of people which I really enjoyed!

Electric 1800E

While walking on the parking lot I already received as message that there was an electric Volvo at the fair. It turned out to be the 1800E from Kai Schawaller from Germany parked at Skandix. I knew about this car already from a magazine but had never seen it.

Elektrische 1800E

Elektrische 1800E achterbak

Unfortunately Skandix could nog tell me any new information about the technical specifications. Build quality appeared to be quite high. Building on the specs of this 1800E (22 kWh battery capacity, 96 Volt, 37 kW motor, 160 km range and a top speed of 140 km/h) my wagon will probably perform very very wel given the 44 kWh battery capacity, 355 Volt and 100 kW motor and I am curious what my range and top speed will be.

Inspiration for disc brakes upgrade

I am considering to upgrade to disc brakes to be able to add ABS trigger rings.

Skandix had a new separate rear wheel hub of which they indicated it’s for sale in their webshop. Could not find it there yet, but now at least I know it’s available.

Achternaaf nieuw

It could serve as a basis to find a matching disc and in this way mound disc brakes on the rear axle. I also checked out the conversion set for rear discs at Huke Basart.

Furthermore ARU power brakes was at the fair with a very complete and robust big brake kit for the front axle while keeping the 5×114,3 bolt pattern. Later on I found the introduction price is 2665 euro’s which is a bit too steep for me.

Another option always is to use a rear axle form a 240 and use 1800E/ES front hubs to align the bolt pattern to 5×108.

Ventilation inspiration

While traveling to the fair the Volvo Amazon wagon from Paul came to my mind. It is loaded with options, in my memory it also had door window ventilation like the Volvo 940 has. I met Paul and this car turned out to be at the fair and he showed me what he made. Perhaps I’m going to do that as well since I do have plenty of fan power.

Luchtoverdracht deurventilatie Paul

He made a joint in the front window defrost and even with the original Amazon fan it works pretty well. He had three nice louvres in the door cover.

Louvres deur combi Paul


Furthermore I checked out the P1800 at the booth of Volvo Lotte which was sand blasted by Vocor / Oldtimer-Stralen. Alain checked whether Johan from would be at the fair himself but that was not the case so I picked up a leaflet.

oldtimer stralen

Will give him a call one of these days. Good to have another option next to Carrosseriebouw Jansen.

At ABC Poetspads I bought some White Diamond polish and two pads to try to polish the stainless steel of the battery boxes where they got damaged by the welding and grinding.

White Diamond polish

And I bought the Fifty Fifty book from Hans Blokzijl and Carlo Brantsen with 50 special Volvo’s and fifty special trees.

FiftyFifty boek1

We have a least one of the trees in out garden.

FiftyFifty boek2 Mispel

I ran out of time way too fast. Thanks to the organising committee and thanks for the nice encounters and exchanges!

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