Support rebuilding my project

Thanks for your support!

Support rebuilding Voltvo

First of all, thank you for all support so far!

How to support rebuilding?

Crowdfunding campaign has ended, but you can still donate or support in any other way that comes to mind.

Please use my personal page or my Paypal account

Or via my personal bank account, IBAN: NL63TRIO0777862468 attn. L. Rengersen, BIC/Swift TRIONL2U.

Or contact me if you are interested in becoming a project sponsor or partner.

Regards Lars

Lars Rengersen


Directly after the fire in June 2021 my brother Thomas (thanks!!) started a crowdfunding camgaign on a Dutch platform. Later I opened another one on Whydonate to enable donations from the international community.

Doneeractie donaties
Whydonate donaties

Altogether € 3167 was donated. Thank you all very very much!!

Partners / sponsors

There are also many companies I worked with / ordered parts from during my EV conversion project and new ones who have supported rebuilding the car.

In order of appearance (more or less):

Jansen Restorations

Bas has taken care of all hassle and complicated conversations with the insurance specialists.

They only charged a marginal amount of all time spend, probably only for delivering the car back home.



I was already a fan of Ecumaster, their support and the community but now even more. The display had survived the fire but the casing was damaged. They have send me a new case of the newest generation for free, thanks!

See all ins and outs in my blogpost:

Arepa and Dolmans

As you can see in the fire recap there was not only a lot of damage by the heat and the flames but also a lot of collateral damage because of fire extinguishing powder. Arepa and Dolmans did a great job in rescuing the leather front seats. Free of charge. Thanks! See all ins and outs in my blogpost:


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Also electric?

Do you also want to convert your car (Volvo or another brand) to full electric? As a spin-off of my own EV conversion project I started EVcreate for 'enabling EV conversions'

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