EV Conversion Volvo Amazon wagon

Full restoration and high-end EV conversion

Electric Volvo Amazon wagon conversion

After a feasibility study in March 2015 I decided to convert our Volvo Amazon estate to a fully electric powered vehicle. In various blogposts, you can check out the conversion in more detail while on this page you can find the summary.

Exploration in 2015

It started with a dream and then a feasibility study. I looked at four aspects:

Technical feasibility = OK

Economic feasibility = Low

Regulations = Challenging

Fun factor = High

So it became a GO and I’m started the project. See below the blog post from March 2015 with some further substantive aspects of the exploration.

Verkenning ombouwen Volvo Amazon combi naar elektrische auto = GO

Nu de verbouwing van de garage is afgerond en de combi weer binnenstaat, kan het…

The donor: a 1967 Volvo Amazon wagon

The car Volvo Amazon wagon from 1967

I bought this car in July 2008. It had been waiting for being restored for 15 years already and while we had it another 7 years.
Dark green (color number 94) it it’s original color and according to the Volvo Historical Archive it has been delivered to Belgium in April 1967. In 1975 it has been imported into the Netherlands. At first it appeared to be quite an original car, but in the end it turned out to have quite some rust and low quality repairs by previous owners.

Principles of my EV conversion

  • Intended range of approximately 115 km
  • AC motor (Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14 with DMOC 645 inverter)
  • Keep the gearbox (upgrade to a M400 from a Volvo 164 converted to a long shifter) and reinforced clutch
  • 8 Tesla batteries with 42 kWh nominal and max 38 kWh usable energy
  • MIA subsidy available
  • Loading capacity 500 kg
  • Having it registered as electric vehicle seems doable

Advancing insight

Throughout the project, I come up with new ideas and technology advances. Meanwhile, a number of new points have been added:

  • Using 8 Tesla Model S batteries has a better energy density (less weight and at the same time more range)
  • Implementing CHAdeMO fastcharge
  • Using a battery management system (BMS) to monitor individual cell voltages and battery module temperatures
  • Possibility to heat and cool the batteries
  • Airconditioning
  • Stationary heating


New Electric

I have selected New Electric from Amsterdam as the key partner and provider of the electric components and support for the conversion.

New Electric logo


Nordicar and their parts webshop volvo-parts is the parts supplier for restoring the car. Nordicar is probably the largest if not one of the larger parts suppliers for new parts in the Netherlands.

nordicar volvo banner


As Garage71 themselves describe it on their website “Everything imaginable is built by us” seems very aptly put to me. Mischa frequently cites the quote from Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars:

“Simplify, then add lightness”

That helps me find a good balance between a high-end conversion with nice features and a manufacturable whole.

logo Garage71


At Tinustuning aka Ben Flierman I have been coming for a long time. Initially started as Tinustechniek, then specifically for engine tuning and now broader again. For me, the address for such things as a HD stabilizer bar and especially for my electric wagon a pressure plate and clutch plate that can handle the high torque and power of the electric motor. In addition, Ben is a regular sparring partner when it comes to cooling and flow design issues.


Jansen Restorations

In terms of emissions, the electric wagin could soon be back on the road for years. To make sure that is also the case for the bodywork, Jansen Restorations does the entire process from blasting to painting.

The combination of a nice atmosphere, professionalism and good communication makes the car in good hands. What is particularly appealing to me is that it is a “one stop shop”. Extensive experience with blasting, sheet metal work where necessary, scooping (flame galvanizing), epoxy spraying, seam finishing, tightening, final painting and individual parts powder coating all at the same company. As a result, these steps are well aligned and run smoothly.

Jansen Classic Car Restorations logo

Updates / blogposts

Nine from 2021! Mainly highlights

Nine from 2021! Mainly highlights such as first wheelspin, CHAdeMO charging, passing the inspection and our EVeryday Nature family adventure. But of course also the fire and the rebuild website. Again, thanks for all your support!

Electric Volvo Amazon wagon 2021 recap

In 2021 I finally finished the electric Volvo Amazon wagon. In June we travelled to Sweden with the car as a family. Unfortunately it caught fire when parked.

Merry Christmas! 2021 was a challenging year

Merry Christmas! In many aspects 2021 was a challenging year. Thanks for all your support!

Car has not been released by the insurance

Currently (October 1st) the car has not been released by the insurance. Have not been able to do any investigations. And besides the garage is a mess. So until now just had coffee and developed some hypothesis and plans.

Today exactly three months ago the Volvo caught fire

Hi everybody! Today it is exactly three months ago that the Volvo caught fire. Seems like a good time to go back online. I will start sharing the story of our trip. Spoiler: no happy ending.

Voltvo electric Volvo Amazon project website

Before we travelled I already made a project website. Now I decided to turn it into a rebuild Voltvo website. https://www.voltvo.nl (link in bio) I’ll share progress and findings over there and you can donate to support me.

Thanks for responses on ‘driving and approved’!

Thanks for the overwhelming response on the ‘driving and approved’ messages! Now I am taking a break and family time and will be offline for two months. In August I will be back with updates and new @evcreate developments.

Electric Volvo Amazon wagon passed the inspection!!

Passed the inspection!! On May 11th it was inspected by the Dutch Vehicle Authority and approved. Thanks to Ruben from 2CV Électrique for enabling this! The Volvo was a bit of an odd one out at @2cvgarage but not that odd next to an electric 2CV. Now awaiting the updated registration card.

Weighing the car, brake test and headlight adjustment

Weighing the car and brake test and headlight adjustment at Autoservice Twello Brake performance excellent: 6,1 m/s2 (required is 3,6 and for modern cars 5,8). Weight front/rear is 45:55 and total 1471 kg so 150 more than it was.

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Also electric?

Do you also want to convert your car (Volvo or another brand) to full electric? As a spin-off of my own EV conversion project I started EVcreate for 'enabling EV conversions'

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