Adjustment and maintenance data

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Sometimes it is useful to have the adjustment and maintenance data in a clear overview.

Oil change

What?How often?How many?With which?Comments
Engine oilAt the latest every 10,000 km, preferably every 5,000 km.In a B20 goes 3.75 liters of oil (up to the max. dash). 3.5 liters is therefore also good.A classic oil (with zinc additives) of 20W50.Also replace the oil filter and occasionally also the copper ring of the drain plug.
Gearbox oilEvery 40,000 km.With a standard 4-speed gearbox (M40), 0.75 liters go in.
In a gearbox with overdrive (M41) goes 1.6 liters. Or fill exactly to the level of the filling plug.
In an M40 goes 80W90. Opinions differ on the M41, including 80W90 (no GL5) or 20W50 (engine oil).Filling can be done (with an Amazon) very easily via the hole for the gear lever.
Rear axleEvery 40,000 km.1.3 litres80W90 GL5 oilWorks best when the oil is warm. Or drain through filling opening or remove the cover.

Brake and clutch fluid

What?How often?How many?With which?Comments
Brake system & clutchFlush the entire system every two years.Until clean oil/liquid comes out of all bleed valvesDOT3, DOT4 or DOT5.1Do not use DOT5 (silicone-based). However, LMA (Low Moisture Activity) is recommended, if findable.


The ignition rotates counterclockwise.
Dwell: 59 – 65 degrees at 500 rpm
Contact point distance: 0.4 – 0.5 mm

Ignition timing (adjustment by strobe)

Engine typeNumber of degrees for upper dead center
B20A21 – 23 (at speed 1500 and vacuum advance loose)
B20E10 (at speeds 700 to 800)
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