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A brake booster is very convenient. You won’t find modern cars without them. In our Amazon’s they are often omitted because they wear out and replacement is pricey.

There are roughly three brake boosters in the Amazon and early type P1800 (the P1800 and the 1800S). The 1800E and 1800ES have an integrated brake booster with the master cylinder.


This is the booster originally delivered on the Amazon. A rebuild is usually not successful with this type and therefore does not make sense in my opinion. If you buy a second-hand one, make sure it doesn’t slosh. Then there is brake fluid in the bellow and it is broken anyway. A broken brake booster is not without danger. Due to the vacuum, the brake system can be drained into the engine via the booster, with all the consequences that entails.

Brake booster Girling

Patons (or PBR)

The PBR (in full Patons Brake Repacements) brake booster of Australian manufacture was already used in the P1800. You see this type a lot less. It is model VH44 or VH40 (with larger diameter).

Brake booster patons


In my opinion, this is the perfect replacement brake booster for the Amazon. A good reinforcement and very robust. Rebuild kits are available and work well. The disadvantage is that they are not cheap. However, there is also a cheaper variant by Powertune on the market that looks the same.

Brake booster Lockheed
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