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Wide rims were only available as an option for the Amazon in the 1960s.
On the regular Amazon there was a standard 4J rim (number 670429) with a 165/80/R15 tire and an ET value of 25mm. The Amazon wagon was standard equipped with a slightly wider 4.5J rim (part number 668280) with the same tire.

Why wider rims?

There are a variety of reasons for choosing wider rims. Some people think it looks nicer, a better filled wheel arch. The other chooses wider rims because of the larger (and cheaper) tire range. Personally, I think the handling is a lot better.

Original wide rims Volvo Amazon

Between 1967 and 1970, original wide rims were only available as an option for the Amazon.
That’s why the original wide rims are relatively hard to find these days.

There are different types of original wide rims for the Volvo Amazon.
Kronprinz (KPZ) rims with the number 6135B or 6135D do not fit on the Amazon, but are for the 140, 164 or 1800E/ES.

Volvo 613014

These are 15-inch rims with a width of 5.5J.
The ET value is 10mm and the track widening is 30mm.
It is a so-called H1 rim with a smooth bed.

Rim volvo 613014

Kronprinz 6134B

These are also 15-inch rims with a width of 5.5J.
The ET value is 5mm and the track widening is 40mm.
This rim also has a completely smooth bed (H1 rim).

Rim kpz 6134b

Volvo 613017

These are 100% identical to the 6136b rims below, but Kronprinz has stamped a Volvo number (in place of the KPZ number). They are 15-inch rims with a width of 5.5J.
The ET value is 15mm and the track widening is 20mm.

Rim 613017

Kronprinz 6136B

These are also 15-inch rims with a width of 5.5J.
The ET value is 15mm and the track widening is 20mm.
This rim also has a completely smooth bed.

Velg kronprinz 6136b

Lemmerz 1538

Again 15 inch rims with a width of 5.5J. These rims have an ET value of 15mm and a track widening of 20mm.
This is a so-called H2 rim, so with an edge on the inside and outside. That’s why you can see an edge in the rim bed.

Rim blades 1538 type1

Lemmerz 1538, version 2

These are the same sizes as the version above.
However, this rim is an H1 rim, so with a smooth bed (just like the Kronprinz rims).

Rim lemmerz type2

There is a German type approval for 5.5J rims on which the Lemmerz 1538 rims are specifically mentioned.

Type approval 5,5J rims Volvo Amazon

This in combination with 185/70SR 15 tires, but they are expensive and difficult to find these days, see also the Tire size Amazon overview at the bottom of this article.

Widened rims Volvo Amazon

Widened rims can be an alternative to the original wide rims for the Volvo Amazon.
There are roughly two methods to widen standard Volvo rims:

  1. Insertion of a ring in the rim bed
  2. Welding an existing heart into a new rim bed

Insertion of a ring in the rim bed

This was always possible for something like 30 to 40 euros at Edwin Gervink in Borne, but he stopped. I don’t have any recommendations from or experiences with other providers so can’t give any further information.

Personally, I am not in favor of this option, but it can be done. See a generic example on the right.

Rim widened 15inch rim

Welding an existing heart into a new rim bed

The moment an existing heart is welded into a new rim bed, you know that the rim bed is straight. Another additional advantage is that if desired, you could relatively easily go a little wider to 6J or even 7J and still come out well in terms of ET value and track widening.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any current suppliers of this type of widened rims.

6J new rim bed

Other wide rims Volvo Amazon

In addition to the original wide and widened rims, there are also various other options to provide the Amazon with wider rims. For example, rims of some American cars fit and rims are still made new.

Which alternative rims fit?

What should you pay attention to when looking for alternatively wide rims?
In the first place, the pitch (i.e. orientation/distance of the wheel bolts). For the Amazon, it’s 5×114.3.
In addition, the ET value is also important. This determines how far a rim comes in or out. For standard Amazon (Combi) rims, the ET value is 25mm. Finally, it is good to remember that an Amazon sedan came with 4J rims and a combi with 4.5J and that 5.5J rims were available as an option. This says something about the sizes for which the chassis is calculated. A little wider is fine. I myself have driven with 7J (but alloy wheels). It goes without saying that wider rims are a heavier load for wheel bearings and screws, among other things.

15 inch Wolfrace with rim

The real Wolfrace rims have a raised kind of rim. Plus, there’s Wolfrace in the edge. This 15 inch rim is 6J wide and has a tire of no less than 215 wide. However, it also fits a narrower tire.

Wolfrace original with rim

15 inch Wolfrace without bezel
These rims are very similar to the Ansen Sprint rims, but have a raised edge in the middle. Unlike the Wolfrace rims above, they don’t have a raised edge on the outside. However, it is also 15 inches and 6J wide (thanks to Rob for the photo).

Wolfrace Original Rimless 2

GB rims 14 inch

The GB rims are very similar to the Minilite rims. However, the GB rims were commissioned by Volvo, including for the Amazon. These rims are also 14 inches, which means that relatively higher tires have to be put on them (here 195/70R14).

Volvo gb rims 14inch 1


The minilite rims are still supplied.
They are available at various dealers with the correct ET value in the size 15 inches and width 5.5J.

Rim minilite

14 inch Wolfrace/Ansen Sprint
These are probably Wolfrace look-alike rims from the brand Ansen Sprint. These rims also fit on the Volvo Amazon. These 14-inch wheels fit it in terms of freewheel for the brake calipers. However, higher tires are needed to keep the roll-off size the same as standard 15-inch Amazon rims+tires.

Wolfrace imitation 14 inch polished

15 inch Ansen Sprint

These are definitely Ansen Sprint rims and are very similar to Wolfrace rims. The rim shown here is 7J wide and fitted with a 195/65R15 tyre. Due to the ET value, there is sufficient freewheel both at the front and at the rear. These rims are/were still for sale new, but cost/cost 188 euros each without wheel nuts.

Ansen Sprint rims

Tire size Amazon

Originally, the Volvo Amazon 165/80R15 had tyres. However, the tyre range has changed quite a bit over the years. Fortunately, these tires are still good to get, albeit slightly more expensive. As soon as you use wide rims, the range becomes a lot larger.

Wider tyres

It is important to choose the circumference (tape measure) of the alternative tire as close as possible to the circumference of the original tire. This is to prevent a counter deviation and more importantly, possibly unnecessarily higher revs. The original tyres 165/80R15 have a circumference of 2026.33mm.

185/70R15 Originally, 185/70R15 tyres were used on 5.5J rims. However, they are almost no longer for sale (and very expensive anyway).

195/65R15 The 195/65R15 is a good alternative. The circumference is only 1.6% smaller than a standard Amazon band. The rim you need to be able to use this tire is from 5.5J to 7J. This size is very common for modern cars, so there is a lot of tire supply in this size.

195/70R15 Another alternative is the 195/70R15. The circumference is 1.4% larger than a standard Amazon tire. This gives you a slightly lower rpm at cruising speed. This tyre can also be used on rims from 5.5J to 7J. Make sure you don’t take a van tire, there are many of these in this size.

205/60R15 You might even consider using 205/60R15 tires. These tyres also have a circumference that is only 1.6% smaller. However, keep in mind that this will make the car a lot heavier to steer and there will be more wear and tear on the suspension and bearings. These tires also fit on a 5.5J rim up to a maximum width of 7.5J, but should you want that on an Amazon?

Useful links:
A number of useful links for comparing tire sizes and calculating suitable rims.

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