Volvo Classics links

Weblogs and websites

    Lots of Amazon information such as production details, data, manuals for download and overview by chassis number. Sign up your Amazon!
    English website with a lot of detailed info about PV, Duett, P1800, Amazon, 140/164, 240/260 and newer.
  • Tinustussengas
    Collection site of upgrade and restoration projects, Tinustussengas.
  • Volvo 123GT Register
    Worldwide 123GT register for real 123GT’s from 1967 to 1970. Submit on your GT too!

Parts and car supply

  • Nordicar
    Volvo specialist from Heerhugowaard. Has many parts and the ability to tinker yourself. See
  • Volvo Klassiekers
    Also known as Dries Bakkenes. Often has beautiful cars (on consignment) for sale and also the necessary parts. See or the webshop.
  • Tinustuning / Tinustechniek
    Ben Flierman, a specialist in the field of improvements. Ranging from suspension, gearboxes and much more. Mainly focused on performance engine blocks and tuning parts. From carburetors to camshafts and even complete tuned engines. See
  • Scandcar
    Since the early 70s, Scandcar has grown from a hobby PV 544 to a wide range of (classic) Volvos and parts. See or the webshop.
  • Volvo Lotte
    LogoLotte   lang   300Run by Alain Pondman and with a wide offering. From occasional transport to maintenance and parts. Good quality for a good price and they always know how to find and arrange the special things! See

Volvo Classic Association (VKV)

The Volvo Classic Association, formerly the V44 association, helps to maintain classic volvos, or the Volvo classic cars. From the cat back (PV) and Duett to Volvo Amazon, including Amazon combi, the P1800 series (with the P1800, 1800S, 1800E and 1800ES). And the newer models such as the Volvo 140 (142 and 144) series and its bigger brother the 164 and the even newer Volvos of 25 years and older, the 240 series.


Membership benefits

  • You will receive the Volvo Classic Magazine (VCM), the full colour club magazine
  • You can contact the Volvo Parts Depot (VKO)
  • You can go to various (regional) events and adjustment days

In addition, as a non-member you can:

  • Use the forum
  • To the annual Volvo Classic Fair

For more information and to become a member, please visit


OldVolvo is a classic Volvo hobby blog by Lars Rengersen.

Also electric?

Do you also want to convert your car (Volvo or another brand) to full electric? As a spin-off of my own EV conversion project I started EVcreate for 'enabling EV conversions'

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