Current collection of Volvo classics

By now I have owned quite a few Volvo vintage cars. Several I have also gotten rid of in order to downsize my collection of old Volvos. Dit is mijn huidige collectie:

Wagon AH 67 07 IMG 6753

Volvo Amazon wagon

Owned since January 27, 2016.

Type: P220
Year built: 1965
Engine: now B20
Color: light blue (89)
Interior: black

A real barn find. Has been standing still since 2008 and needs some work. Overhaul engine that is in it has run less than 50,000 km.

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Volvo 123GT

Owned since 4 February 2011
Year built: 1969
Engine: B20B (double carburetor)
Color: California white (42)
Interior: Red with headrests and reclining seats.

Volvo 123GT 1969 white on trailer

A needle in a haystack. The 123GT was only delivered in Switzerland in 1969 in an edition of a handful. It is a real one with type number 133351! A restoration project though.

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1800ES from UK on car train

Volvo 1800ES

Year built: 1972
Engine: B20E (injection)
Color: yellow (107)
Interior: black leather with brown carpeting

This car has been outside for years and is unfortunately no longer restorable. The technology of the car is very good, there is a rebuild engine and overdrive in it.

Volvo Amazon wagon

Owned since July 6, 2008.

Type: P220
Year built: 1967
Engine: B18
Color: dark green (94)
Interior: now black, originally tan

Volvo Amazon wagon bought

With overdrive, American front bumper, roof rack, open sunroof and wide rims.

Stood still since 1995, and had a lot of work to do. Has been converted into an electric car.

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Amazon convertible black

Volvo Amazon convertible

Owned since August 2007.

Year built: 1968
Engine: now B20 with weber carburetor
Color: matte black (becomes dark blue)
Interior: white with headrests (will be dark red)

Has been driving for a while now, but is now in need of restoration.
There will be a self-made roof based on an MG roof.

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Volvo Amazon

Owned since 15 May 2007

Year built: 1966
Engine: now B20
Color: red (46)
Interior: black with headrests

DE 23 01 taxatiefoto e1414702660540

Was a (in the beginning not) driving car and after a lot of work is now doing fine. With Wolfrace rims and overdrive. After having driven a few years, now a parts donor because of a lot of work on everything.

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Volvo1800E e1414750327581

Volvo 1800E

Type: 1800E
Year built: 1972
Engine: B20E (injection)
Color: now red (46), original light blue metallic (111)
Interior: now none, original black leather with blue carpeting.

I own this car since September 5, 2003. I bought it from Nordicar. The car comes from America, but after a few years in the Netherlands now needs attention to the sheet metal. Including the paravane and sill on the right.

So there has to be an interior in it, I have now found that. There is also welding on the body. Also a future project.

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Volvo Amazon

I have had this car since April 20, 2001 and it belonged to my parents before that.

Type: P130
Year built: 1967
Engine: now B20A
Color: red (46)
Interior: black leather from a Volvo 164

Volvo Amazon in France

With wide rims and overdrive.
Original Dutch registration. The result of a total restoration and he is in need of that again.

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940 picked up

Volvo 940

Bought in 2016 with just under 460,000 km on the clock.

It is a Nordic from 1998 with 1800 kg towing weight and runs on LPG (G3).

There is now more than 6 tons on the clock.

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