Volvo Amazon convertible

Volvo itself never built them. However, a small number of coachbuilders have made a limited number of convertibles. Personally, I think that is a pity on the one hand, but on the other hand it also makes them special. Read the story I wrote for Volvo Classic Magazine about my Amazon Cabrio hobby. I used to have two.


In the meantime, I have had to conclude that I have more projects than time. The red Amazon convertible has now been sold. The black one is a future total restoration.

There is a large number of self-build Volvo Amazon convertibles, where one conversion has succeeded better than the other.

As far as I know, there are six Amazon convertibles with Dutch registration. Four via import and two based on a Duett chassis (one of the two is still half a Duett). In addition, a conversion is in progress (at the bottom, no Dutch license plate yet).

Red Amazon convertible Lars
Black Amazon convertible Lars
Green Amazon convertible Jaap
Amazon convertible red on Duett chassis Joop
Amazon cabrio Paul
Volvo Amazette
Volvo Amazon convertible in progress

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